Specialty & Niche Lenders

JD Wealth Ventures executes an investment strategy based on disciplined value investing principles and guided by our macro-economic outlook. JD Wealth Ventures has identified the following target asset categories as providing the greater risk adjusted cash-on-cash and equity returns in the current economic environment. Here at JD Wealth Ventures, we specialize in private equity investments along with providing our clients the best service possible, helping them achieve their objectives.

Investment Amount

$500K – $5MM

Business Characteristics

  • Lending business focused on sub-prime borrower
  • Quantitative and qualitative approach to underwriting
  • Hands on approach to risk management
  • Assert secured lending prefered
  • Market niche leader
  • Scalable business model
  • Exceptionally high returns
  • Minimum of $1MM of capital currently deployed
  • Established track record (minimum 2 years)