Structured Venture Capital

Structured Venture Capital combines the cash flow focus of structured finance and trade finance with the high growth potential of venture capital. Structured Venture Capital addresses an un-serviced segment of private equity. JD Wealth Ventures believes this segment offers the greatest risk adjusted return potential within the private equity asset class.

JD Wealth Ventures invests in companies that have strong growth potential, but are currently constrained by availability of working capital or fixed assets. We seek companies with an established sales pipeline/demand; an exceptional and experienced management team, niche leadership and high operating margins. We generally do not invest in startups or pre-revenue companies.

Investment Amount

$500K – $5MM

Business Characteristics

  • Experienced management team (5+ years of experience)
  • Strong sales pipeline with potential for significant growth
  • Proven product/service
  • Market niche lender
  • High margin product/service
  • Company must be generating revenues
  • High growth business currently constrained by working capital or fixed assets
  • Investments funds primarily used to fulfil orders, contracts or established demand